Assurance Mezz Completes Investment in Apogee Healthcare Holdings, LLC

Assurance Mezzanine Fund (“Assurance”) is pleased to announce its latest investment in Apogee Healthcare Holdings LLC (the "Company"), which closed in May 2018. The Company includes two healthcare staffing businesses: Critical Health Connection, LLC (“Critical Health”) and Quincy MD, LLC (dba “HealthPro”). Assurance partnered with Apogee Equity Partners (“Apogee”) who sponsored the transaction. Apogee is a Washington DC-based independent sponsor with a focus on healthcare staffing businesses.

Established in 2002 and based in San Angelo, TX, Critical Health provides per diem nurse staffing services to primarily state-owned and underserved healthcare facilities throughout rural Texas. HealthPro, based in Sherman Oaks, CA, is a medical staffing company serving the prison and other healthcare systems primarily in southern California.

Assurance provided mezzanine financing in support of Apogee's acquisition.

To learn more about the Company, please visit:

· Critical Health:
· HealthPro:

Critical Health

HealthPro Network

About Assurance Mezzanine Fund

Assurance Mezzanine Fund is a private investment firm providing $3 to $20 million customized growth capital solutions to profitable, lower-middle-market companies nationwide. We look to invest our funds in established companies operated by experienced and proven management teams with a history of building enterprise value. Assurance Mezzanine Fund was created by former industry executives and experienced investors who place a high value on their relationships with management teams.

Investment Criteria

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